Update Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 8:30 AM.
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E's at daycare again. It's much harder the second time. I think I was just all pumped up for the first time. Plus, the lady I dropped him off with wasn't as sweet, loving and reassuring as they were yesterday. I hope he's ok. It's his nap time, and they tend to just lay them down and expect them to sleep. I hope they rock him if he's crying. My poor little lovey.

When I got him back yesterday, he was much more subdued and detached than usual. I'm assuming he was just overloaded. I felt really badly. Then last night he let out a few shrieks in his sleep, but calmed when he saw me. Of course I imagined it was him having nightmares about being left in daycare. Ah the guilt. We pick him up at 3 today. Hurry clock! Going to work is going to suck big hairy balls.

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