Giving Thanks

Update Tuesday, November 27, 2007 at 2:12 PM.
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JJ at Reproductive Jeans had a great idea to thank the blogger who inspired us. And, as usual, I can't narrow it down to one person. I have four. I stumbled across A Little Pregnant on my own and was completely drawn in by the creative wit and beautiful emotion in her writing. That blog is what got me started. Until then I hadn't even thought about a whole community of IF blogs, though I did have a desire to write about our struggle anonymously.

With my interest piqued, I put feelers out on a message board for blog information. I can't remember who sent me the link to HerVeryOwn, but it was another that completely resonated with me. Then the writer of Baby Steps to Baby Shoes shared her blog link with me. I remember that she had started out not long before that and was so humble about her beautiful writing. I couldn't believe that she didn't give herself more credit for her insightful and finely worded posts. And last, but definitely not least, Kristen at The Sticky Bean not only sent me links to blogs, she sent me information through email that helped me get my footing in this community that was so new to me. She introduced me to Mel at Stirrup Queens and gave me advice for sharing my thoughts. Her welcome was so warm (followed by all the rest of you) that I lost any inhibitions I had about this. I can't thank her enough. Thanks Kristen!!

And all of you continue to inspire me each and every day. I truly wish the best for you all.

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Giving Thanks
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