Happier Times

Update Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 5:53 AM.
Dalam topik Feeling crappy,my sweetest

E is slowly getting better with steroids and nebulizer treatments. The steroids make him HYPER, so he's been talking up a storm. Lots of M, N and L sounds. He's also been holding on to Mommy a lot, and that is the sweetest, most heartbreaking thing ever.

Mommy is the only one not sick, so is so so so tired. We've been dealing with this since Friday night. Exhausted. So here is a photo of happier times. I figure it's non identifying enough. Or maybe I'm just having a weak moment from all the tired. And if you want even cuter, go over to Jen's blog to see their love for each other.

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Happier Times
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