Update Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 2:35 AM.
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I'm starting to get my confidence back and have more good days than bad. My longing for more time with the baby and to take care of my house has not abated in the slightest. However, part time seems a distant chance due to the fact that I have to provide the medical coverage for the two of us.

The bummer is that I feel the problems starting again - highs and lows, weariness, sugar causing issues.. I see Endo next week, so we'll see what's up. I see Met in my future again. But that's ok if it means I'll be physically more capable for E. I suspect it's mainly that and not so much the thyroid.

I'm also a very changed woman. I want to be kinder, better. My priorities have shifted a good deal, and not all my friends understand, so I'm a bit lonely. I miss Jen.

Hub and I are connected in a better, stronger way somehow. We're a good team. I'm eager to get a little more alone time with him when my Mom visits though. It's hard to nurture your relationship when this one needs so much. But it's worth it.

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