Updates on Life, Baby and Me in Bullets (plus questions!)

Update Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 5:22 AM.
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  • Nursing is ever so much easier when one does not have thrush. Wow. Gotta love that little pill I got.
  • A giant raspberry to my mean previous ped and to certain books that shall remain nameless that insist it is wrong to rock, pat or otherwise soothe a sleepless baby and that they should be left to cry so they can learn to soothe themselves and that otherwise, they will always "require" that. Bullshit. I agree with Dr. Karp and let me just say that this is TWICE now that baby has begun sleep ON HIS OWN without my help. He has often gone back to sleep on his own upon waking too. I think that's just called maturation, and pooh on you for trying to force our babies into an adult world quickly so that we can have more time on our hands.
  • I happen to love rocking my baby.
  • I don't want to miss any part of his babyhood.
  • Not that he's without frustrations.
  • But it's not his fault.
  • Like my multiple bullets? I'll stop now.
  • I'm also annoyed with people who claim infants need to learn "independence" early on from Mommy. Seriously? That's why these enormous globes adorn my chest people. We are supposed to be near each other at all times. It's just modern day Western world that dictates we can't.
  • I just learned that if you have your first baby after 30, you stand a 1 in 4 chance of developing breast cancer as opposed to a 1 in 8 chance otherwise. Thanks for that extra kick in the teeth PCOS.
  • I love Hub.
  • Bloodletting today. :(
  • Teething sucks - your favorite methods anyone?
  • Baby has been vomiting a LOT lately at the slightest provocation. Is this acid reflux? He isn't showing discomfort. What can we do for him?

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Updates on Life, Baby and Me in Bullets (plus questions!)
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