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You are over 4 months old now. You giggle, squeal and smile your way into peoples' hearts. You love to touch and be touched. Your hand, or arm, or leg is always twisted to touch some patch of my skin. When I hug you, you snuggle in, grip me and smile wildly. You have definite opinions on what you'd like to be doing and aren't afraid to voice them, though you are ever so much more patient now.

You are trying very hard to talk and are so very excited when both Mommy and Daddy are home. We just wish that could be more often. You sing happy songs and wiggle when you love something.

You watch us eat with rapt attention, but aren't yet ready for that despite the fact that you are a BIG growing boy! Your height is in the 90th percentile and your weight in the 70th. You had to have gotten that from Grandpa's side of the family. Mommy likes to call you chubber bubber.

Your hair is growing long in random patches, and is a soft chocolate brown shot with gold. The fine golden hairs on your head and back catch the light in such a way that Daddy thought you got into some glitter somewhere. It matches your light, golden skin tone. We think your eyes will be chocolate like your hair - soft and beautiful.

Your smile is gorgeous with that pretty mouth. It picks up in your eyes and lights up your whole face. Daddy and Grandmother always said Mommy's eyes sparkled. Mommy never knew what they meant until she saw yours do it. Now THAT'S sparkling. You seem to look less like Daddy all the time and more like Mommy, which Mommy never ever expected.

You like games, books and patterns now. Some favorites are This Little Piggy, anything involving singing or "eating" the baby, Goodnight Moon, and Mommy's tye dye t-shirt. You get so into patterns and moving things that you lean forward to see it better until your forehead bumps into it. You make us laugh every day.

You are a delight. We are exhausted at the end of each day, but parenting you together is so fun. We love our family, and so it seems, do you.


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