This would be Friday Night Leftovers if it was Friday

Update Monday, June 7, 2010 at 7:22 AM.
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  • I was thinking about the movie "Look Who's Talking" the other day. Remember the part where John Travolta accidentally drinks the breast milk and she just lets him do it and then casually says, "That's breast milk by the way." umm.. yeeah. Right. In the real world it would be, "PUT THAT MILK DOWN RIGHT NOW AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT!"
  • E seems to miss nursing so much during his daycare days that he won't drink very much all day and then saves his drinking/comfort nursing for the evening when I'm here... meaning I don't get as much asleep as I would prefer. Anyone have ideas to help me?
  • Teething does not help our situation. HURRY UP TEETH.
  • Mommy left. :( It is confirmed. I need family around. E and she loved one another.
  • Suddenly it's raining. (Don't you miss that Jen?)
  • We have a pest/lawn maintenance guy coming to give us an estimate tomorrow. We don't really have the money but neither do I have the time (or want to have the time.)
  • Seriously, no one else has read Maeve Binchy?

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This would be Friday Night Leftovers if it was Friday
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