Bullets because I'm Lame

Update Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 3:14 PM.
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  • I'm finally catching up with other people of like mind with babies. For me, it's a lot like having other IFers to talk with.
  • Today we hung out with a delightful couple with twins and their equally delightful friends. The first delightful couple struggled to have their babies too, and it's lovely to see them together. (Hi KWs!)
  • Maybe tomorrow I'll catch up with another IFer and her lovely boy. We shall see!
  • E is developing so fast I don't know which way to look! Stepping, rolling, eating solids (the sweet stuff is the yummiest!)
  • E now tries to bribe me into things by bestowing kisses... lots and lots of open mouthed, licky kisses... in which he grabs my hair and brings my face to his.
  • He also punched me in the nose. It's sore. And a little swollen.
  • Mom is visiting soon! Huzzah!

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Bullets because I'm Lame
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