Letters to BB (7 mos)

Update Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 8:59 AM.
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Dear E,

You have now been on the Outside with us for 7 wonderful months. OK, the first few months were a little tense, but still wonderful for all that. Do you know I thank God for you every single day? Sometimes it's even every hour - even when you're waking up at night... again.

You amaze us with everything you do. You're so bright, charming and sweet. You give kisses by the 100's. I still get a thrill every time you reach for my cheeks with your chubby little hands and an open maw. You like to twirl your fingers in mommy's hair and hardly ever pull.

Your favorites of the moment? Bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, cords, keyboards, glasses and bottles (from which you mimic drinking), hugs and kisses as always, monkey, eeyore, sitting up like a big boy, rolling, gibbering, squealing (loudly), water in any form (you should see your face light up when you know it's tub time), other kids and babies, words (jeopardy is HEAVEN, and you even read tags for Pete's sake) and bouncing.

And now you're awake and it's time to play!


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Letters to BB (7 mos)
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