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Update Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 1:59 AM.
Dalam topik happy times

We now have four nephews. Two of them are not big talkers yet and two of them are getting funny. We haven't talked about them much lately, so here goes...

Nephew #1: My don't like Uncle.
Me: Why??
Nephew #1: Him never come home!!
(after waiting every night excitedly for Hub to come home so he could "pway" with him when they visited, but falling asleep before hand every single time.)

Nephew #1: Grandma, am I handsome enough for school?

Nephew #2: Uncle, are you my fweeend?
Hub: Yes, I'm your friend.
Nephew #2 babbles on about something else.
a few minutes later...
Are you my fweeend?
Hub: Yes sweetie, I'm your friend.
(repeat a few more times)

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Nephew Vignettes
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