First Words!

Update Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 6:20 PM.
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OK, so aside from the debatable Mum, Mama and Dada, E just said his first word! Remember that he loves the Elephant Song, and that the rooster is one of his favorite animals in it. Now picture us reading The Very Busy Spider. I'll have you know he chose that one specifically of the two I held up. (Thank you Auntie Jen!). He is helping to turn the pages as always and keeps going back to certain pages he loves. One of those pages has a rooster on it. It reads, "Cock a doodle doo! says the rooster. Want to catch a pesty fly?" I always say Cock a doodle doo in the same sing song, high pitched tone. Ewan started whispering, "Doooo, dooo!" in the same tone. I kept repeating myself. Soon he was saying, "Kuh doo dooooo, Kuh doo doooo!" The "kuh" was more of a breath with a k sound at the beginning, but the doooos were unmistakable.

It's completely friggin adorable. Who woulda thunk that Cock a doodle doo would be the first "word" going in his baby book.

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First Words!
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