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Update Saturday, September 18, 2010 at 6:50 PM.
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Thank you for...

  • Refilling the hand soap all the time.
  • Trying to replace and fix things around the house with a positive spirit.
  • Lending a hand every time you see me embroiled in a hard task.
  • Putting the food away after dinner so many times when I'm just beat and ignore it.
  • Making sure the boys are taken care of.
  • Loving that baby and me so well and making sure we know it.
  • Doing most of your laundry.
  • Straightening up sometimes.
  • Keeping an eye on me and helping me keep track of important things like my keys and checkbook. (I notice that you put my keys in the right spot when I've forgotten. :)
  • Basically just helping to keep my spirits up and my head screwed on right.
  • Telling me what a good Mommy I am all the time and reinforcing E for loving on me.
  • Writing me the sweetest note I've ever gotten from anyone.
I'm sure there are some I missed, but see, I do notice.

Love you,

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Thank You Hub
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