The Way in Which I am NOT Alternative

Update Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 6:57 PM.
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I've been more nervous lately about the whole non-vaccination movement. The reason I've become more bothered is because I now know someone who has currently chosen the non-vaccination route with a 6 month old baby and may continue to travel that path. This someone wants our babies to be playmates. I used to think that could be fun, but now I'm not completely comfortable with E being around this child. Even though E is vaccinated, the schedule is not yet complete, so he is vulnerable to some diseases. Furthermore, as you probably know, vaccinations do not provide 100% immunity 100% of the time, but the system works brilliantly when everyone is vaccinated. I would just rather not chance E being exposed to any of the awful diseases one can contract even if his schedule was complete. I might reconsider somewhat if we were really close, but we have really different personalities and interests, and this is not the only matter in which we differ. I think even if I did decide to maintain play dates with her, this would bother me to the point that it would show in our interactions. How the Hell do I tell her all this though? Or do I just bite the bullet and avoid most of the time so that we are only around them once in a while?

The nice thing to know is that according to the CDC, approximately 99% of U.S. parents currently choose to vaccinate their children - delayed schedule or not. Please, please do your research if you are trying to make the decision about vaccinations. And if you don't trust Doctors and scientists, learn how scientific studies work and how to read them. I sometimes take having a science background for granted. It makes for a lot of piece of mind to be able to do my research and make decisions based on solid evidence. Or just ask grandparents who may have witnessed the devastation some of these diseases caused. It's a lot easier to make the decision not to vaccinate when you really don't think there's a chance your family could experience such a thing or you've never seen how awful it can be.

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The Way in Which I am NOT Alternative
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