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You know how sometimes you read someone's blog, and you think about how wonderfully they write, and how awesome they seem to be as people and then you get afraid that maybe you just won't be good enough to meet them? I don't mean in the sense that they would be awful. I mean that you would just feel in awe or not be the person you'd want to be for them. I am going to state here and now that Mrs. Spit is an intimidatingly beautiful writer, possesses more than her share of kindness and intelligence and is completely and awesomely easy to relate to in person. Why did I even worry? Of course with all that goodness she also possesses the ability to make one feel at ease! And can I say that Mr. Spit is really adorable? Maybe he wouldn't like that. Men seem to react badly to being called anything close to cute. Perhaps I should say he was funny and gentlemanly and gracious. Is that better? In any case, we chatted and relaxed and E didn't even cry upon meeting the "strangers." Hub even liked them, and that's saying something.

But then again, we're quite partial to Canadians.

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