The Disconcerting

Update Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 6:42 PM.
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It was definitely teeth. It came to a head last night. There was lots of crying. There was little sleeping. There was a sharp little premolar poking out from his upper gums. I think I see the swollen starts of several other teeth as well. Poor baby. We had been waiting on ibuprofen until we saw more teething proof. Now I feel badly that we did. He was doing the sign for "teeth hurt" for over a week.

He also is in this stage where, EVERYTHING MUST REMAIN THE SAME. ROUTINE MUST EXIST. Stage? Who am I kidding? He's always been like this, it's just more intense right now. So intense in fact that since we recently went through about a month-long stretch of no cloth diapers (we've always done a combo) for many reasons unimportant to this post, he has now decided that cloth diapers are a toddler torture device and "Oh my God, get them off me NOW Mama!!!!!!!!!" What to do about this? I really don't want to give them up. Any thoughts on how to make them more comfortable, tolerable, whatever?

And finally, thanks so much for all your input on my other posts. It's so very helpful. If anyone wants to chime in more, I'm all ears all the time. OK... maybe all eyes... some of the time. Oh well.

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The Disconcerting
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