Updates and Questions

Update Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 8:20 AM.
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  • E has been irritable, clingy and not sleeping well. At first I thought, "growth spurt" but now all signs seem to point to teething. The only thing is, he isn't drooling. Do they stop drooling so much as toddlers?
  • Speaking of toddling, he's been taking a lot more daring steps all over the house. It's pretty awesome. Oh.. and the positive aspect in all this is that he no longer seems to need to sleep with me while teething. He sleeps semi ok by himself as long as he has had some Tylenol. We'll see if that changes as it gets worse.
  • Any thoughts on which service I should use for my larger videos? Vimeo or YouTube? I'm thinking You Tube partly because most of my videos are on my iPod, and it's compatible, but I want to hear what you have to say. All of it needs to be anonymous and protected of course.
  • Yesterday I took E to the canals near our house, and for the first time he really noticed and got excited by the water there. He saw the dragonflies and the flowers and wanted to get down to play in the mud. If Florida wasn't so rife with nasty bacteria, alligators and bugs in fresh water, I might have allowed him.
  • Last night the baby whined, the pets cried and Hub snored. Guess who lost out (and usually does) in the sleep game?
  • I have to admit that Hub's snoring last night wasn't as bad as it has been in the past. But I would still like advice on less snoring or ways for me to sleep through it. E's white noise seems to help me some.
  • Why is it that most men are allergic to the doctor's office? Why do they wait until there's a crisis to get healthy? It's much cheaper, safer and less stressful to go as a preventative and stay on top of things. I will never understand it.

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Updates and Questions
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