Adventures in Babysitting

Update Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 7:02 PM.
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I have a coworker in a different department who has some of the same childcare issues I do and works even weirder hours. She got in a bind today and needed help, so we agreed to watch her sweet 3 month old boy.

... And I found out why some people seemed to view me as a shit when I seemed so worn out from watching E or didn't want to risk taking him somewhere public. "Normal" newborns are not that hard! This kid fell asleep easily, smiled at us all day, slept for hours at a time on his own in E's strange crib or the swing and his cry was that sweet, soft baby cry. E's was a piercing, desperate wail every.single.time. And it happened because I stopped feeding him to burp him, or put him down for a second, or laid him on the floor, or rattled the chip bag too loudly or... you get the idea. I'm not saying I hold the dear sweet boy accountable. I'm just saying I had confirmation yet again today that we weren't just crazy slackers and that that kid was hard.

In fact, just a few months ago our daycare lady said to a friend picking him up, "I don't know how they do it!" And this was when we considered him easy! Note that our daycare lady is wonderful and loves E, but has acknowledged many times how tricky he is. That's ok. It just means that now as a toddler, we find him ridiculously easy. I think he may be similar to other toddlers, but he just seems so easy in comparison to the early months.

I also had confirmation that I don't think I could ever do two kids closely spaced. I just don't have the stamina for it. I have the smarts and the love, but the body lets me down. E was also less than thrilled about the addition to the household for 12 hours. It wasn't that he didn't like the baby. It was more that he didn't know what to do with him and that he put a crimp in E's routine. Crimping E's routine is not good for any of us. He seemed insecure when I was holding the baby as well. The cutest thing though is that when the baby would cry, E would bring me his pacifier (to which E never took if you remember, but he seemed to think it belonged in the baby's mouth at all times), a few of his own toys, and the baby's blanket. When none of that worked, if the baby continued to cry, E would start to cry with him. It was so sweetly saddening. He also liked pushing the baby in his swing and never once was rough with him. But boy was he relieved when the baby went home! God I love this kid.

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Adventures in Babysitting
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