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Update Monday, May 2, 2011 at 7:07 PM.
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Since E is now eating enough to feed a small village for 3 days, I think that on top of the teething, he's probably going through a growth spurt. This means that we are not having a lot of quality sleep. He stays in his crib most of the time, but I'm awake every time he is because that's how I roll. Thus, we will be having no positive reinforcement post tonight, as I need to get to bed and get some sleep before the fun starts. Today kinda sucked since I stayed up too late last night and paid for it when E was up at 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 (when I finally gave in). The really sucky thing is that there are no less than 4 posts yammering away in my head, so I have to at least get some bullet points in or I'll never sleep for all the brain noise. Be prepared for a completely random mix of important and mundane.

  • You guys are awesome. I was all worried about appearing jerkish in my last post, but your words have been nothing but exceedingly kind.
  • I have to say that it's pretty wonderful when you are cycling regularly. My periods no long make me want to curl into a ball in the corner and weep. My clothing thanks me too.
  • I definitely do need to write a post about how the economy is affecting our neighborhood. It's scaring me.
  • I'm glad that we handled the Osama bin Laden mission in the way that we did... no bombing for less collateral damage, burial according to Muslim law, no governmental celebration dance. Instead of making us weak, I believe it makes us the people we'd like to be. I do not believe we are granted privilege to act horribly because someone we dealt with was horrible. That is flawed logic and demeans us as a nation. Self defense is acceptable; dishonorable behavior is not. (My Colonel Grandfather's voice is ringing in my ears there).
  • A long time ago I shared how I'm allowed crappy food the first 2 crappy days of my cycle. Thank God the second day is over because I have seriously shamed myself the past 2 days. I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a pound or two. Chocolate is my friend.
  • Why was it that Pa always got to bathe first on Little House on the Prairie? I mean... I know he had to get up early to go do hard manual labor and all that, but come on. Wasn't he the smelliest too? The kids probably didn't care, but what did Ma ever do to deserve that?
  • That one's been on my mind a while. And now you get a glimpse of my twisted mind.
  • Hub is "napping" on the couch (at 10pm) while clutching his new foam Thor hammer. And now you get a glimpse into HIS twisted mind.

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All I can do
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