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Update Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 6:09 PM.
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  • It's funny how different everyone is about blogging. Some need to do it daily to keep it going. Some do it when they see an interesting story or have a bone to pick. I only do it when I feel it. I have to need to blog. It has to be something I love doing. I can never make it happen. I guess writers are that way too.
  • I have had some things I needed to say lately, but my need in other areas of my life trumped them for the time being. That's why I'm getting some bullets in to get it out of my head quickly!
  • E ended up having some nasty allergies that turned into a sinus infection and possible ear infection - all complicated by the arrival of MOLARS! Poor child. Sleep has not been easy in this house the past few weeks.
  • Soo... E got the go ahead to go on Zyrtec. Anyone have any advice/warnings? Doc said it should be ok, and I trust him but still...
  • I had my first ever Mammogram today. It wasn't painful at all! Only one position was a tiny bit uncomfortable. I mentioned this to the tech, and she said that the plates used to be metal and hurt a lot more than the plastic. I also give props to my post baby ladies. They sure ain't so perky anymore. That makes it easier! Not so much to smoosh.
  • They didn't find anything. So FavoriteOB is right. It's inflammation. (He's always right) Yay!
  • Before I knew there was nothing, there were a lot of shots and re-shots, and I got a tiny taste of how horrible the waiting must be for possible cancer diagnosis. I did not like it one bit. All the ladies there today were for diagnostic testing, and it broke my heart. It made me glad to see they were treated so very kindly.
  • The weather has been so incredibly beautiful, and I'm so thankful. We went to the sweetest little playground yesterday and had the most wonderful time.
  • I need to write a letter for E. His growth is astounding! I know I'm biased, but he is soooo smart.
  • I've been having lots of dreams that we have to leave Florida, and I cry. I guess we know it will be hard huh?
  • Speaking of dreams, after reading the latest Sookie Stackhouse book, I had a doozy about trying to escape vampires myself. I was desperately trying to contact my Dad's oldest brother because he was the most powerful vampire I knew. And somewhere on the other end of the ether, my cousin, his daughter, is quite possibly spraying a drink all over her computer screen or choking on a bite of food in mirth.
  • So much more to say, but time for that later. Sleep is calling.

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All Over the Place
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