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Update Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 10:45 AM.
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  • A few weeks ago, Hub was goofing around and hit me in the leg where an old wound still acts up. I told him so and E, watching us, became concerned. When Hub poked it inadvertently as he was checking to see where it was, I exclaimed again and E started to get really upset. He began crawling furiously toward me. Hub noticed and said, "It's ok honey! Daddy didn't mean to. I'll kiss it to make it better," and he kissed my leg. E calmed upon seeing this and then proceeded to pat me and repeatedly kiss my leg complete with smacking noises.
  • Sometimes he grabs my face, pulls it down to his and gives me a real kiss (no more open mouth messiness). He then says, "I kiss ooooooo!"
  • Last night E was having trouble with his tummy because of a course of amoxicillin. To make life easier, Daddy brought him into our bed. The only problem was, Daddy wasn't finished working in the living room. So he stayed there for a little while as E settled (with me beside him.) When Hub thought it was safe, he started to slide backward off the bed and onto the floor. E noticed the movement, looked up a little and said to the top of Daddy's head poking just above the bed, "I seeeee oooooo!"
  • E has started to say, "YES!" emphatically when we hit the right problem. For example, today he was fussy and I said to him, "Are you hungry?" No answer. Then, "Are you sleepy?" No answer and more fussing. Then I said, "Do your teeth hurt?" And he said, "YES!" as if he were a man who'd been lost in the desert and offered some water. When I asked, "Do you need some medicine?" He flung himself toward me and breathed out a relieved, "YES!" He does this with tummy aches, toy needs whatever. It's amazing when he can communicate like that. On the other hand, we seem to have lost the "no" head shake in response to questions. If we could just combine them....
  • And finally, today at naptime, E was taking longer than usual to fall asleep and there was some fussing. I thought maybe he hadn't gotten enough food (there are tummy issues as mentioned above) so I went in to see what was wrong. The minute I walked over to his crib he looked up at me and said, "Keem UP!" which means, "Clean em up." I asked if he was hungry and he just repeated with his different pronunciation variations on "Clean em up." So then I said, "Do you have poopy?" and he said, "YES!" He was quite right.
Yes he is an adorable genius.

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Cute Baby Stories
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