Soap Nuts Review

Update Monday, June 13, 2011 at 5:49 AM.
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You'll remember that I bought some Eco Nuts and promised to let you know how they worked out. I think I've finally used them enough to feel like I have something useful to say.

Four to five dried berry husks are put into a small cloth bag and tied tightly. Then you simply throw them in with the laundry! I tried them first on some of E's light soil clothes and they still smelled after washing. Upon further research I found that even though they don't tell you, it's not advisable to wash in cold with these. It's ok to leave them in during the rinse cycle for that exact reason. The cold water doesn't work up enough lather to worry about. I had to re-wash these clothes. I think the makers assume you are washing in warm or hot, which is not always the most eco or pocket friendly, so I use cold in normal conditions.

Next I used their advice for heavily soiled laundry and soaked the nuts (in their bag) in hot water for a few minutes before adding it to the laundry. Then I washed in cold. The clothes came out smelling not-dirty, and in some cases pretty clean. Any sort of extra stains or soil didn't come out, so I recommend pre-treating with something in those instances. I feel that it worked well enough to use again though.

Finally, I threw them in the laundry after pre-soaking in hot and using warm for the wash. These clothes came out the cleanest.

So in summary, I wouldn't use econuts on your most heavily soiled clothes or in cases where you don't have the time to soak them in hot water first and want to use a cold wash. Don't throw away your regular detergent. Use eco nuts for most cases, but save the regular detergent for moderate to heavy soil.

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Soap Nuts Review
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