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Sea nettles at the GA aquarium

Our visit to Jen's was the first vacation we've had in a long while. Hub was away for a convention, so it was perfect timing for Jen's birthday. E and I had a blast. We had wonderful birthday hibache. E was afraid of the fire, Elizabeth loved it, and thus we sum up their personality differences. We had delicious homemade food (Mel's chicken! Homemade pasta!) We met up with another lovely blogger whose writing I like very much and saw her beautiful boy. On that outing we spent time in centennial park in Atlanta where E found that fountains that spray up from the ground are the ultimate in awesome water sport. He's the only one who got soaked I'll have you know. Many things scare him, but water is exempt.

We also got to go see the beautiful Georgia Aquarium where E found great fun in the otters, belugas and anemones. OK, so the anemones were fun because the word is apparently hilarious. The very militant seeming woman manning the anemone pool did not find any of it funny. She was too worried about guarding Jen's parenting skills and didn't seem fond of the little ones.

But mostly, we hung out, traded Mom favors and had a good time. It was amazing to see how quickly Elizabeth and E fell into big sibling/little sibling roles. She put her feet on him, he tattled, (Mooommyyyy!!! Ahah!), She pushed him down, he cried. She got near him, he ran away. It was pretty funny really.

It was wonderful spending time in Jen's home. I missed it. Her hometown is just beautiful too. It reinforces our desire to move somewhere that still has a sense of community like that. I so want E to experience that. If only it was economically feasible.

I leave you with a shot of E enjoying Elizabeth's kitchen and one more funny baby interaction...

Elizabeth hits E with a toy.

E (crying): Why DO dat?

Elizabeth: Here YO-win (I dare you to guess his name from that), want a fairy? Here's a fairy.

E ignores her.

Note that offering a fairy is a pretty big deal for Elizabeth. She must have been feeling mighty guilty.

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