Of Sleep and more Not Blogging

Update Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 8:58 PM.
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Things E requires to sleep:
Full tummy
No change in routine
No distress
His Pooh lovey (unwashed)*
White noise
Night light
Seahorse (thank you thank you Elizabeth)
The right prep
The right temp and the clothes of his choosing.
No "ghosts" (new appearing tonight)

Starting to think we are lucky we even get the weeks when he says, "I can nap?" goes right down and sleeps through. We still co sleep occasionally... Like tonight.

*made the huge mistake of washing Pooh in a detergent load tonight when I usually use Eco nuts or no scent stuff. He kept throwing him down and crying hard, "Poooh!! Are you??? POOH." Mommy epic fail.

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Of Sleep and more Not Blogging
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