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I'm trying to get into the swing of Calliope's brilliant summer camp idea! Why do I have to work all the time, making it hard to get in quality family and blog time huh? In any case, I'm jumping on board with a retroactive Day 2.
Day 2 -What were you like in high school? What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

High school ran the gamut for me. Our high school was tiny, so 7-12th grades went to classes in the same building even though 7-9 was considered junior high, and 10-12 was senior high. Some of our events were held separately, but there was still a lot of awareness of all involved in such a small school. (My graduating class numbered 64).

I was always a little sensitive and a little shy. Secretly then and now, I often want nothing more than to be the center of adoring attention and to crack everyone up. The problem is, I don't want that unless I know I can completely trust my adoring crowd. This sets the stage for a lot of awkward.

I had a lot of dorky, bookish girl moments. However, I also had a fabulous group of close-knit friends with whom I saw eye to eye. We all were headed for college. We all hated selfish snobbery. We all just wanted everyone to get along for Pete's sake! We were lucky in that our little group granted us some protection from the nastiness of the snots and allowed us to be friendly with those they considered "untouchable." To be fair though, since it was such a small school, the nastiness was reined in some since everyone's family knew everyone else's. It was hard to be mean to someone when you knew their whole story and could really see the impact.

I loved and continue to love physical activity. I adored softball and enjoyed playing basketball, running etc, but Mom wouldn't allow sports... something about money, practice blah blah. So instead, I focused on the primarily intellectual and creative pursuits she encouraged, and I enjoyed. I was a band nerd (the flute). I was in chorus and most of our plays and musicals. That's where having such a small school came in handy because even though I was petrified for try-outs, my teachers knew me well and knew I could handle small solos. So yeah! I've sung in front of an audience by myself! I still wonder how I got the balls for that.

I was also in the National Honor Society, usually a class officer of some sort, in the Community Service Club and my last year I wrangled a spot in the ski club thanks to my Dad. It was awesome - finally a sport of some sort! That last year was my favorite, because I finally managed to figure out what clothes looked good on me, how to do my hair and how to not give a flying f*ck what other people thought. It was pretty damn awesome. As a result, I got hit on more often (though I didn't want them by that point), I earned more respect and I had a hell of a lot more fun.

And yes, I always always considered myself a writer. It was and is my passion. I was a reporter and the art person for our school newspaper for years. This was before the high prevalence of computers in the classroom, and I drew many of the little flourishes for the articles. I won a few writing contests here and there and even made it to District levels a few times. I submitted works for kid magazines and had a few published. It was my dream to be a professional writer. I scribbled in journals constantly and considered the job I would have to support my goal. I actually think I was a better writer then than I am now. I worked harder on it and was in classes constantly that helped me improve. I feel like I have more to add to the writing now... more maturity, but I often wish for classes to make me work at it and improve now.

Funnily enough, I intended to go into conservation work in college to support my writing on the side. What the HELL was I thinking? Shouldn't I have chosen a better paying profession to support my hobby? Ah. We're young and idealistic then huh? I got majorly sidetracked into a passion for my job, and even though I kept writing for company newsletters etc, I mostly dropped my dream. I often think now of picking it back up.

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Summer Camp!
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