MY Kind of Lasagne

Update Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 5:30 PM.
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True Italians and lasagne aficionados may want to click away before I even get started. I may strike horror in your heart with the following post.

Now that I've warned you, here's the first shocker. I really don't like lasagne very much. I don't eat beef. I don't love the taste of ricotta, and it makes me very sick, and I'm not into really heavy meals unless they involve potatoes. My husband, however, is a total lasagne fiend. He would eat it multiple times a week if only I would make it for him. Up until now, he's had to get his fix from those frozen meals or when we dined out as I was very insecure about my ability to make it. 

As his birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving approached, I tried to think of something I could cook that would make him very happy. Lasagne came to mind as always, and when I mentioned it at work, someone told me that the recipe on the back of the no boil (NO BOIL? I thought. AMAZING!) Barilla lasagne box was quite easy and that I could substitute all kinds of things. 

I ran out and bought all the supplies I needed, made it, and it was DELICIOUS if I do say so myself. Actually, Hub and E said so as well, so I'm not just imagining it. Here's what I did:

Instead of Ricotta, I used Lactaid (you may recall my lactose intolerance) cottage cheese.
Instead of ground beef, I used ground turkey (NOT the all white meat kind)
Instead of 4 cups of mozzarella, I used 2 cups of part skim mozzarella.
Instead of Barilla marinara I used Classico cabernet marinara (it's delicious and was on sale)
I forgot the eggs, so just added a little olive oil instead and prayed it would work.

The verdict: VERY tasty, much more healthy and much lighter than the usual lasagne. The only failing was that due to the egg issue, it wasn't as "stacked" and compact as it usually would be. But it tasted amazingly good. I did it! And now, thanks to Jen's suggestion, I will be making 2 lasagnes at once, so I can freeze one and save myself some dinner prep.

P.S. The flat Barilla noodles were VERY good. And once again, let me remind you that they can't even search me, so I'm not in the market for free stuff.

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MY Kind of Lasagne
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